Linturi to know fate as MPs hold special sitting on impeachment

Linturi to know fate as MPs hold special sitting on impeachment

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi will on Monday May 13, 2024 know his fate.

The 11-member select committee chaired by Marsabit woman representative Naomi Waqo is preparing to present its report to the National Assembly on Monday.

During the special sitting, the committee is expected to issue a notice of motion for the consideration of the report.

In case the select committee reports that allegations against Linturi are unsubstantiated, then no further proceedings shall be taken.

If the Select Committee confirms that the allegations are substantiated, the National Assembly shall allow the Cabinet Secretary to respond.

The House should conclude the debate on the report of the Select Committee within 14 days of the giving of the notice of motion.

In addition, parliament shall set a date for the Agriculture CS to appear before the House to provide clarifications and respond to matters arising from the findings of the select Committee.

Meanwhile, Bumula MP Jack Wamboka, who moved an impeachment motion against Linturi, has maintained that the Agriculture CS must go.

Wamboka expressed disappointment at the Committee, alluding they would not impeach the CS despite his grave offenses.

“Honourable members, farmers of Kenya, and general public, I Wanami Wamboka have tried. Remember, for the years you live on this earth, Kenyan farmers will never forget this Select Committee…

“There are so many ways of killing a rat and one of them is the Select Committee. We will be proceeding ahead of this because we are determined for the Kenyan farmer. Mithika Linturi must go for fake fertiliser!” he asserted.

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