Man armed with a machete storms Police Station in Kisumu, injures 3 officers

Man armed with a machete storms Police Station in Kisumu, injures 3 officers

A Man who was armed with a machete and a pair of scissors on Monday June 10, 2024 stormed Ragumo Police Station in Kisumu County, before attacking and seriously injuring three police officers.

According to a police report, the violent man stormed the police station while yelling and shouting.

“Today at around 1230hrs one male adult namely Nicholas Agai aged 25 years approached the station while yelling and shouting, armed with a machete and a pair of scissors.

“Officers led by the OCS approached the suspect at the station in order to contain him but he turned violent, attacked officers,” read part of the police report.

During the incident, a police officer was stabbed on the left side of chest but was rushed to Greys Medical Center Kisumu where he was admitted in critical condition.

One officer was injured on the right hand while another one was injured on the left hand during the scuffle.

Meanwhile, police officers shot twice in the air to scare the man but he could not retreat or surrender. 

The officers managed to arrest the suspect and locked him in custody.

The incident comes a few days after a driver assaulted a police officer while on duty along Kamiti Road at Mirema Junction in Nairobi.

The officer who was controlling traffic, noticed a vehicle making an illegal U-turn, causing obstruction to other road users.

As the officer approached the vehicle to address the violation, the driver hit the road kerb, causing the car to get stuck.

The officer managed to enter the vehicle’s front passenger seat and instructed the driver to head to the police station for further action.

However, the driver suddenly stopped the car, drew a sword from under the seat, and attempted to attack the officer.

In a bid to protect himself, the officer jumped out of the vehicle. The driver followed, assaulting him with blows and kicks.

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