Man who got 9 straight A’s asked to resit exams under tight supervision

Man who got 9 straight A’s asked to resit exams under tight supervision

In 1984, a sixteen-year-old Abba, a student at Science Secondary School Dawakin Tofa, shattered records by securing a stunning 9 distinctions in his West African Senior School Certificate (WASCE) Exams.

Yet, this tale took a surprising twist. Doubts swirled as exam authorities in Lagos, Nigeria couldn’t fathom such brilliance without a whiff of foul play.

Too good to be true

To uncover the truth, the examination board arranged how Abba would be picked up when he least expected it and embarked on a journey to Lagos for an unprecedented endeavour.

Over three intense days, Abba faced the monumental task of retaking all nine exams under the hawk-eyed vigilance of invigilators.

Abba Ambushed to retake the tests

Yet again, Abba triumphed, emerging with 9 A’s on his scorecard just as before.

Abba’s brilliance was undeniable, astonishing to the examiners.

The authorities, faced with the undeniable evidence of his exceptional talent, humbled themselves and extended a heartfelt apology.

Not stopping at mere regret, they established the prestigious National Merit Award, with Sarki Abba rightfully crowned as, its inaugural recipient.

Scaling to new heights

1989/90 brought forth a new chapter in Abba’s journey.

Graduating with flying colours, he was the valedictorian of excellence at ABU, Zaria.

At an astonishingly young age of 21, he claimed the title of overall best Medical Student and Best Graduating Student.

Stepping onto the international stage, Abba pursued his dreams in the United States.

Celebrated Medic

His accomplishments have multiplied. Today, he is a luminary figure—a Professor of Urology and Pathology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, USA.

With the titles of MD and PhD, he occupies the John T. Grayhack Professorship of Urological Research.

His research endeavours are dedicated to understanding cancer’s genesis, progression, and resurgence.

Notably, his efforts are prominently centred on Prostate Cancer, where his contributions shine as beacons of hope in the fight against this formidable foe.

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