Manchester United fan almost killed by eggs after 3-1 loss to Arsenal wants live match experience

Manchester United fan almost killed by eggs after 3-1 loss to Arsenal wants live match experience

A devoted Manchester United who underwent a near-death experience to fulfill his promise after 3-1 loss to Arsenal, now hopes to enjoy a live match at Old Trafford.

Thomas Kiptanui Kemboi, also known as Kapkeno, took to social media on Friday with an appeal to the English Premier League team.

“Dear Manchester United I ate 15 eggs after promising my fans if Arsenal will defeat us. Lucky I’m alive after being admitted to hospital.

“Kindly allow me to watch a live match at Old Trafford and I will feel better,” read his placard.

Manchester United Kapkeno holding placards before and after the eggs incident. PHOTOS/COURTESY

Manchester United fan hospitalised

He was discharged on Thursday after collapsing during a live session.

Kapkeno had jokingly pledged to eat an entire tray of boiled eggs if his beloved Red Devils suffered a loss to Arsenal.

To his shock Man United lost 3-1 to Arsenal and true to his word, he embarked on the task of eating those boiled eggs.

Surrounded by his friends and a videographer, the artist, renowned for his track Wachawi, initiated a live session on his Facebook page.

“Due to the loss of Manchester United to Arsenal, I (Kapkeno) am fulfilling my promise of eating one tray of eggs for my fans,” Kapkeno wrote.

Manchester United player Rasmus Hojlund. PHOTO/TWITTER

Nevertheless, as Kapkeno tackled his 15th egg, he suddenly collapsed.


His friends burst into laughter thinking it was all part of Kapkeno’s stunt.

However, panic set in when they realized he had actually lost consciousness.

They rushed him to hospital where he was diagnosed with severe constipation.

Kapkeno received treatment and was later discharged.

Tragic turn

In yet another unfortunate incident, a Manchester United fan allegedly killed his Arsenal fan after the 3-1 loss on Sunday evening.

The suspect is said to have engaged in a dispute with the deceased moments after Man United’s Alejandro Garnacho’s goal was rejected.

Manchester United and Arsenal will meet for a rematch in May next year.

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