Manchester United fan almost killed by eggs following loss to Arsenal

Manchester United fan almost killed by eggs following loss to Arsenal

A 27-year-old devoted Manchester United fan named Thomas Kiptanui Kemboi, also known as Kapkeno, found himself in a risky situation when a lighthearted bet took a potentially tragic turn.

He had jokingly pledged to eat an entire tray of boiled eggs if his beloved Red Devils suffered a loss to Arsenal in the English Premier League.

Kapkeno in hospital with friends PHOTO: Kapkeno FACEBOOK

To his shock Man United lost 3-1 to Arsenal, true to his word, he embarked on the task of eating those boiled eggs.

Surrounded by his friends and a videographer, the artist, renowned for his track ‘Wachawi,’ initiated a live session on his Facebook page.

With precision, he peeled off the eggshells and proceeded to consume the eggs one by one.

Kapkeno after eating the last egg PHOTO: Kapkeno FACEBOOK

To enhance his protein-rich feast, he had some salt and tomato sauce within reach.

However, he wisely took regular breaks to sip water, ensuring he didn’t run the risk of choking on the eggs.

“Due to the loss of Manchester United to Arsenal, I (Kapkeno) am fulfilling my promise of eating one tray of eggs for my fans,” Kapkeno wrote on his Facebook page.

Nevertheless, as Kapkeno tackled his 15th egg, he suddenly collapsed.

Kapkeno in hospital

His friends initially burst into laughter, assuming it was all part of a playful stunt.

However, their mood swiftly soured when they realized he genuinely felt overwhelmed.

Panic set in, and they rushed him to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with severe constipation.

Kapkeno received the necessary medication and the hospital eventually discharged him once his condition had stabilized.

Kapkeno treatment records

In Sunday’s Emirates fixture, Arsenal crushed Manchester United’s hopes with Declan Rice’s dramatic 90th-minute goal.

Gabriel Jesus secured the victory with a precise shot minutes later to make it 3-1 to Arsenal.

The intense rivalry between these two clubs was clearly unmistakable during the match.

Following Arsenal’s win, Manchester United fans have had to deal with the Gunners fans.

Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen is among the victims exchanging light-hearted jabs with Kericho County Senator Aaron Cheruyiot.

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