Mercy Masika grieves spiritual Dad: “Only God knows”

Mercy Masika grieves spiritual Dad: “Only God knows”

The news of Bishop Allan Kiuna passing rippled through the congregation, stirring waves of grief and disbelief. Among those touched deeply was Mercy Masika, her voice a beacon of faith in the halls of Jubilee Christian Church.

Her heart, heavy with sorrow, found solace in words offered up to heaven.

She penned her tribute on social media, a testament to the pastor who had nurtured her spirit.

“Only God knows why, my pastor,” she wrote, her words carrying the weight of a thousand prayers.

For years, Bishop Allan and Reverend Kathy Kiuna had stood as pillars in her life, guiding her steps and uplifting her voice in song.

In their embrace, Mercy had found not just mentors, but family—a spiritual kinship that transcended the stage and pulpit.

At JCC, where laughter and worship once intertwined, now hung a veil of solemnity.

Through the sorrow, stories of Bishop Allan’s unwavering faith and compassion flicker like candles in the darkness.

His legacy, etched in the lives he touched, would endure beyond the confines of mortal days.

Mercy Masika has worked with her spiritual parents on various projects.

Fans tried to comfort the singer reminding her that Bishop Allan’s journey was not ended, but merely transformed.

For the love he had sown into their lives would continue to bloom, a testament to the enduring power of faith and community.

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