Michelle Ntalami: “I no longer listen to secular music”


Michelle Ntalami, the visionary behind Marini Naturals, recently shared a deeply personal journey of faith and transformation on Betty’s show this Friday.

She opened up about her Catholic upbringing and how a newfound commitment to her faith led her to make profound changes in her life.

Raised in a devout Catholic family where her father hoped she would become a nun.

Michelle described how her spiritual journey took a turn when she embraced being “born again.”

She candidly admitted that while she had a strong connection with God in her Catholic upbringing, she felt a need for a deeper personal connection with Jesus as her intercessor.

One of the significant changes Michelle made was in her music choices.

She revealed that after her spiritual awakening, secular music no longer resonated with her.

Michelle Ntalami deleted her entire playlist, opting instead for music that aligned with her newfound values.

Free from profanity, sexual content, or derogatory messages about women.

Michelle also reflected on her speech, mentioning that she had stopped using curse words, something she had previously enjoyed. Her spiritual renewal prompted her to realign her speech with her faith and values.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Michelle shared the pivotal moment when her journey with Christ began.

A profound encounter that followed a period of personal struggles and challenges in her life.

She described feeling overwhelmed by God’s love and light.

Leading to a transformative experience where she felt God’s presence and heard His voice.

Her social media hiatus was a deliberate choice to focus on her spiritual growth and healing journey.

Michelle expressed gratitude for her new path and hinted at sharing more about her conversations with God in the future.

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