Comedian Fred Omondi passes away

Comedian Fred Omondi passes away

Kenya mourns the loss of comedian Fred Omondi, the younger brother of renowned comedian and activist Eric Omondi.

Fred tragically passed away after a reported road accident and was taken to Mama Lucy hospital.

Fred, once a prominent events emcee after leaving Churchill Show, credited his older brother Eric Omondi for inspiring him to pursue comedy.

In a past interview, he fondly recalled how Eric’s encouragement sparked his journey into the world of humour and entertainment.

Terence Creative, deeply mourning Fred’s sudden departure, expressed heartfelt condolences.

“Fred was more than a colleague; he was a brother with whom I shared countless stages.

He played a significant role in my career growth,” Terence shared, reflecting on their memorable collaborations and shared experiences in the comedy industry.

Terrence’s post


Fred, I thank God for the time He gave us together bro, you’ve been part of my career and growth in the industry.

You always treated me as a brother and hosted me when I had nowhere to go, gave me a stage and paid me, together we started club comedy shows.

I will always treasure the moment we shared the stage.

From Tribeka, Taj Mall, Hearts, i club etc. till we got to Churchill show and then to hosting our first TV show together: KTN Crazy Comedy .

Together we suffered, we learned and together we inspired, made people laugh and created great memories.
All this I will treasure and hold dearly, Freddy ulikuwa muungwaana .

I have a lot to say about you but all I can say bro is that you did well and you shall be remembered and missed.

Go well bro 🙏 #MungumbelesikuZote

Fred Omondi’s passing

Fred Omondi’s passing has left a void in Kenya’s entertainment scene.

His infectious laughter and jovial spirit touched many lives.

As friends, fans, and fellow comedians mourn his loss.

They remember him for his talent, generosity, and the joy he brought to audiences.

May Fred Omondi rest in eternal peace.

His legacy cherished forever in the hearts of those who knew and loved him.

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