Migori: Pastor Dorcas Rigathi champions for miners’ support and safety


Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, the spouse of the Deputy President, recently led the certification of mining cooperatives in Migori County.

Speaking at the Osiri Mining and Marketing Cooperative Society office in Nyatike, she encouraged miners to join cooperatives to streamline their work and improve their livelihoods.

Pastor Dorcas emphasized the importance of education for young boys, urging them to prioritize school before entering the mining industry.

She also called for efforts to eradicate child labour in the sector.

“We should address the cases of child labour in the mining sector,” she said, highlighting the need for miners to be accredited to benefit fully from their activities.

“There is a need for accreditation for prior learning so that we can handle cases where people have the experience but lack licenses.

Let’s have a syllabus for technical training to equip those in the mining sector,” Pastor Dorcas added.

She also urged the youth to develop innovative ways to protect the environment.

During the event, Pastor Dorcas issued licenses for mineral processing, mining permits, and safety gear, including gloves, reflectors, and headgear, to the miners.

She also handed over a vehicle for mining services in Migori County.

The government is setting up a gold refinery centre in Kakamega to add value to minerals.

Principal Secretary for Mining and Blue Economy, Elijah Mwangi, highlighted the ongoing reforms in the mining sector under the Kenya Kwanza government.

“Mining is a business. We want people to have licenses for business,” he said, noting that a team has been set up to facilitate mining applications over five days and that the mining cadaster is now open for free.

PS Mwangi also mentioned the decriminalization of artisanal mining and the formalization of marketing cooperatives, with 246 cooperatives already formalized, including 23 from Migori County.

Kepha Ochuka, chairman of the miners in Migori County, stressed the importance of certification.

Stating, “This will benefit miners not just in Migori County but beyond. We have more than 30 registered cooperatives in Migori County.”

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi and the government aim to support miners, ensuring they work safely, legally, and profitably.

Ultimately improving their quality of life and contributing to the economy.

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