Pastor Kanyari opens up about reuniting with Ex-Wife Betty Bayo

Pastor Kanyari opens up about reuniting with Ex-Wife Betty Bayo

In a candid TikTok live session, Pastor Victor Kanyari, founder of Salvation Healing Ministry, shared his thoughts on the possibility of reuniting with his ex-wife, gospel singer Betty Bayo.

Content creator Choffri sparked the discussion by asking Kanyari about the reasons behind Bayo leaving him and suggesting that she might return.

Despite the challenges in their relationship, Kanyari responded positively to Choffri’s encouragement and prayers for their potential reunion.

The preacher revealed that Bayo had left him, but they both haven’t had any children after their divorce.

He expressed hope that since Bayo hadn’t had any children in her new marriage, there might be a chance for them to reunite and become a family once again.

Despite the ups and downs in their relationship, Kanyari emphasized that he continues to provide care and support for their two children.

Pastor Kanyari highlighted his significant financial commitment to their well-being, ensuring they have everything they need, including food and accommodation.

The couple’s separation in 2015 marked a turning point in their lives, but Kanyari’s recent openness about the possibility of reconciliation hints at a potential new chapter for their family.

As they navigate the complexities of their relationship, the door to reconciliation seems to be opening, offering hope for a brighter future together.

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