Peter Miracle Baby: From Gengetone star to ordained Pastor

Peter Miracle Baby: From Gengetone star to ordained Pastor

Peter Miracle Baby is making headlines life story is one of resilience, transformation, and faith.

Before he found fame, Peter Njuguna, known as Miracle Baby, had a tough upbringing.

He worked various jobs, including as a Kikuyu stand-up comedian and a mortuary attendant, to make ends meet.

Peter Miracle Baby

His big break came in 2018 when he joined the Sailors Gang, a Kenyan Gengetone music group.

Alongside Shalkido, QoqosJuma, Masilver, and Lexxy Yung, Miracle Baby shot to stardom with their hit song “Wamlambez.”

Their catchy lyrics and use of Kenyan slang, Sheng’, resonated with many young fans, sparking widespread discussions in Kenya’s music scene.

Peter Miracle Baby

However, despite their success, the group faced internal conflicts, particularly with their management team, MRX Media, led by radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel.

Accusations of contract breaches and management disputes led to the group being denied access to their YouTube channel and music, eventually causing their split.

After the split, Miracle Baby transitioned to Mugithi music, a genre of Kenyan folk music.

He performed alongside his wife, Karol Katrue.

Further, they shared their new musical endeavours on their joint YouTube channel, Miracle and Katrue TV.

This period marked a new chapter in his career, focusing on traditional Kikuyu music.

In February 2023, Miracle Baby and Karol Katrue welcomed their first child together.

A significant moment for Miracle Baby, who already had four children from previous relationships.

Despite his initial desire to have 17 children, recent life changes led him to reconsider this goal.

January 2024 brought serious health challenges for Miracle Baby. He was hospitalized and underwent four surgeries due to a gastrointestinal condition that had plagued him since 2018.

His wife, Karol Katrue, revealed that his intestines had ruptured, causing severe health issues that recurred in 2023.

Peter Miracle Baby

The financial burden of his medical treatment led Katrue to appeal for assistance, as she found herself caring for Miracle Baby alone.

Journey to Christ

Following his recovery, Miracle Baby announced a significant change in February 2024.

He decided to leave secular music behind and dedicate his life to spreading the word of God.

“Praise God. I am going to preach,” he declared in a video shared with his fans, marking the beginning of his spiritual journey.

In May 2024, Peter Miracle Baby, now referring to himself as Pastor Peter Mwangi, was officially ordained as a pastor.

He shared the news on social media, expressing his commitment to serving God. “I have been approved as a pastor by Apostle John Paul. I will serve God,” he announced.

Peter Miracle Baby

Nevertheless, Peter Miracle Baby’s transformation from a Gengetone star to an ordained pastor is a remarkable journey of faith and resilience.

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