Uhuru: My office received only Ksh28M out of Ksh655M in 2022/2023


The office of former President Uhuru Kenyatta has accused the Kenya Kwanza administration of withholding funds budgeted for the former president. 

Speaking during a press briefing on Monday, Uhuru’s spokesperson Kanze Dena disclosed that the former president was using money from his pocket to run his office affairs.

“The lack of access to rightful budget allocation has forced the former President Uhuru Kenyatta to run the office from his pocket, paying all the bills the office incurs,” Kanze said.

For instance, Kanze Dena said that out of Ksh655 million allocated to the office in the 2022/2023 financial year,  the office has received only Ksh28 million.

Kanze Dena
Kanze Dena

This is approximately 4.4 percent of the total amount budgeted for that year. However, she added that the former Head of State has been receiving his monthly pension as well as a comprehensive medical insurance.

At the same time, she alleged that Uhuru’s office has received no money that was budgeted in the Financial Year 2023/24. The office had been allocated Ksh503 million.

“We can confirm that salaries have been paid as well as medical insurance but we cannot allude to how much it is,” she said.

Meanwhile, in the next financial year 2024/25, the office has been allocated Ksh579 million.

Uhuru’s office has however distanced itself from budget estimates tabled in Parliament, citing lack of consultation.

“Our position is that we had no input on the budget estimates that informed the allocation of Sh450 million that Treasury projects to allocate the office in the coming year 2025/26 and Sh475 million for FY 2026/27,” Kanze said.

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