Moses Kuria loses his cool on TV while discussing cost of Unga, cooking oil

Moses Kuria loses his cool on TV while discussing cost of Unga, cooking oil

Trade cabinet secretary (CS) Moses Kuria was on Wednesday, September 13, put to task to explain the reduction of maize flour (unga) and cooking oil prices.

Speaking during a discussion on Citizen TV, Kuria insisted that the prices of unga and edible oils had dropped since President William Ruto took over power a year ago.

He was put to task to substantiate the allegations of reduced prices and give specific prices of the basic commodities.

Kuria said that the cost of cooking oil ranged from an average of Ksh230 and Ksh240 per liter.

On the contrary, a spot check by Citizen TV showed that prices of cooking oil range between Ksh307 and Ksh355 per liter.

Moses Kuria
Trade Cabinet Secretary (CS) Moses Kuria

“Well, I’m just saying let us reconfirm that but I know for sure that edible oil is much lower than that,” he stated.

“The problem with you is that you are inciting Kenyans and that is why your Azimio lost, you are consistent with getting it wrong,” he added.

He completely objected to the figures as projected by the TV panel, insisting that even Kenyans have experienced low prices.

“Let’s take cooking oil for example. It’s much lower than what you project there and Kenyans know that,” he said.

Kuria added that the figures were not true and were being fronted by Azimio sympathizers to create a narrative that the government has failed to lower the cost of edible oils.

“It’s not even to the level you have said, it’s by 50 percent since we came to government,” he said.

About the prices of sugar, the Trade CS remained defiant, insisting that the prices were much lower than what was being projected.

This was after Citizen TV’s Sam Kituku said sugar prices were ranging from Ksh420 to Ksh500 per 2kg.

At the same time, he advised the TV crew to make calls and confirm with major supermarkets in the country about current sugar prices.

However, Kuria maintained that sugar prices have reduced, adding that the prices being talked about were mere opinions of the TV station.

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