Mount Kigali University receives instruments of power


Mount Kigali University, an offshoot of Mount Kenya University, has officially received full autonomy and the instruments of authority in Rwanda.

Previously operating as a campus under Mount Kenya University’s umbrella since its establishment in 2010, Mount Kigali University was granted full accreditation on April 20, 2023 after a rigorous five-year process. The university is situated in the Gatenga sector of Kigali.

The Instruments of Power, including the Mace, Seal, Internal University Statutes, and an official Communique from the Government of Rwanda, were ceremoniously transferred by Professor Simon Gicharu, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Professor Gicharu is also the visionary founder behind both universities.

Mount Kigali University
Professor Simon Gicharu in celebratory mood after initiating the instruments of power at the Mount Kigali University.

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In a formal handover event held at the university’s premises in Gatenga sector, Kigali, Professor Simon Gicharu presented these Instruments to Professor Stanley Waudo, the Chancellor of Mount Kigali University.

Professor Waudo subsequently passed them to Dr. Innocent Mugisha, Chairman of the university’s Governing Body (Council), who, in turn, entrusted the Instruments to Vice Chancellor Dr. Martin Kimemia.

“This achievement is the result of unwavering dedication from the Board, Council, University Management, and the steadfast support of our students and their families,” commented Professor Gicharu, an internationally renowned educator born in Kenya.

Mount Kigali University
Professor Simon Gicharu gives a heart-warming and powerful speech at the Mount Kigali University during the handover of instruments of power.

Dr. Mugisha remarked, “This marks the first instance in Rwanda where an institution has evolved from a mere campus to a fully-fledged university—a feat that many have attempted but few have succeeded in achieving.”

Mount Kenya University’s expansion into Rwanda was facilitated by Annexure 12 of the East African Community Common Market Protocol, which allows for the mutual recognition of academic qualifications.

Mount Kigali University is resolutely committed to internationalizing education, a commitment reflected in its ongoing efforts.

Mount Kigali University
Professor Simon Gicharu and host of distinguished professors elated during the cake-cutting ceremony at Mount Kigali University.

In attendance at the ceremony, alongside senior administrators from Mount Kigali University, were notable figures such as Ms. Mireille Musaniwabo from the Imbuto Foundation and Kagabo Innocent, Registrar of the National Council of Nurses and Midwives. Kagabo lauded Mount Kigali University as an indispensable partner in nursing education.

“This distinguished institution has transformed our lives,” shared Roseanne Muregwa, an alumna. “We take immense pride in being beneficiaries of Professor Gicharu’s visionary leadership.”

Dr. Martin Kimemia, Vice Chancellor of Mount Kigali University, expressed the institution’s determination to carve its unique path and foster an environment where intellectual curiosity thrives, bolstered by state-of-the-art facilities for both academic and extracurricular activities.

Mount Kigali University
Instruments of power passed over to Vice Chancellor, Mount Kigali University,
Dr. Martin Kimemia.

Furthermore, Mount Kigali University is set to open a University Medical Centre, offering medical services to its staff, students, alumni, and the wider community.

Professor Gicharu also announced an investment of approximately 200 Million Rwandan Francs (equivalent to around KSh20 Million) in dental equipment in preparation for the introduction of Dentistry courses.

During the event, the Vice Chancellor received an accreditation certificate from the International Human Resource Certification Institute, enabling Mount Kigali University to confer certifications to Human Resource professionals.

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With their newfound autonomy and the receipt of Instruments of Power, Mount Kigali University students will soon celebrate their academic achievements in Rwanda.

“I eagerly anticipate that day,” said Dr. Kimemia, “when our graduates can commemorate their milestones in the presence of their families, friends, and loved ones.”

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