Yoweri Museveni orders pay increase for teachers

Yoweri Museveni orders pay increase for teachers

President of the republic of Uganda Yoweri Museveni on Wednesday August 23, ordered for a pay rise for secondary science teachers who also serve as head teachers or deputy head teachers.

Museveni’s directive comes a month after the Minister for Education and Sports requested for a pay rise for secondary school head teachers who teach sciences.

Science teachers had recently received a pay rise in Uganda but science teachers who were serving either as head teacher or deputy head teachers had not benefitted from the salary increase.

“once a science teacher, always a science teacher, they should be paid as such until the government has enough funds to pay all teachers well,” Museveni noted in a statement.

A plan to increase salary for science teachers began in 2017, after president Museveni held a meeting with the teachers’ representatives at State House.

The 300 percent pay rise led to a graduate teacher earning USh4 million from initial USh1.1 million while salary for Grade V teacher rose from USh796,000 to USh3 million.

Uganda Professional Science Teachers Union (UPSTU) leaders appreciated President Museveni’s move to increase salaries for head teachers and their deputies.

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