Musician Otile Brown bashes Diamond, Mbosso over ‘fake’ jewelry

Musician Otile Brown bashes Diamond, Mbosso over ‘fake’ jewelry

Kenyan musician Jacob Obunga, popularly known as Otile Brown, has poked holes at fellow artists wearing fake jewelry.

Otile Brown meted out the unsolicited advice via his Instagram page with over 2.4 million followers.

“With love…punguzeni mabati kwenye shingo or you keep quiet, mnachoresha..hao ni watu gani mnanunua chain kwao .. tuelewane.

“Y’all can’t be talking rich all the time and still rocking fugazi..inspire game ujanja ujanja wa nin and y’all are “blessed’ chaini baada ya miezi kadhaa huioni tena maana imeshika kutu,” he began.

Otile Brown’s advice

The ‘Chaguo La Moyo’ hitmaker went on to share a list of ‘legit’ jewelers around the world who would save the artists the embarrassment of donning fake chains.

Otile Brown regretted that the fake lifestyle was misleading to young people who now think attaining success as a musician is easy, and requires little effort.

Otile Brown became famous after his song ‘Imaginary Love’ hit the airwaves. PHOTO/FILE

Diamond, Mbosso show off new blings

His sentiments come a day after Tanzanian superstars Diamond Platnumz and Mbosso flaunted new jewelry on social media.

“No more fake shit! Three different colour gold!! Three different colour diamond!! Enamel to make it poppp, fresh out the freezer…” Mbosso said as he wore his gold chain.

The Instagram post which garnered over 400,000 likes also gave rise to speculations as to whether the chain was authentic.

Apparently, Diamond and Mbosso’s chains were made by Ice Jewelz which is based in London, United Kingdom.

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