Nigerian rapper Phyno shares photos of his newborn first child


Nigerian rap sensation Phyno has officially joined the esteemed circle of celebrity dads.

The news, dropped as a surprise on his Instagram page, has fans and fellow artists buzzing with joy.

Phyno, renowned for keeping his personal life closely guarded, took everyone by surprise with the announcement of his firstborn.

While the snapshot shared hid the newborn’s face, leaving us in suspense about their identity and gender, the air is brimming with excitement nonetheless.

He promised his fans he would be back with new music

Taking a step back from the limelight, Phyno embarked on a journey to embrace fatherhood and simultaneously craft fresh melodies for his audience.

It was a dual delight for his fans: the joy of his baby’s arrival and the promise of new music.

Phyno revealed he has a new album coming up

Fatherhood delights

After a period of hushed absence from the music scene, the rapper broke his silence to share his news and offer a glimpse into his exciting future plans.

In a heartfelt confession, he revealed that the hiatus was devoted to fatherhood and the creation of his upcoming album.

Phyno’s heartfelt message read:

“I took some time off to be a Father and also work on new music / Album, and it’s been a wholesome experience. Now it’s time to get back to what I do best.”

As congratulatory messages poured in from every corner, Phyno’s journey into fatherhood marked a new chapter in his life.

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