Pastor Kanyari speaks after a lady gives him condoms in church

Pastor Kanyari speaks after a lady gives him condoms in church

A female TikToker named Faith Peter left many in shock after she went to Pastor Kanyari’s church and presented him with three gifts, including a packet of condoms.

This was after 200 TikTokers attended Kanyari’s church to show him support a few weeks after he joined the trendy app.

”Aliniambia nifungue karatasi nikadhani ni pesa zimejaa hapo ndani kumbe ni condoms” Pastor Kanyari said.

Faith noted that she was aware many women were after Kanyari’s affection, and she advised him to use protection.

“Naona wanawake wanataka Pastor Kanyari nimemletea kinga ya maisha. Tumia kinga dady, usikatae wanawake,” she told Pastor Kanyari.

Faith explained that gifting condoms to pastor Kanyari was one way of creating awareness about having safe intercourse, denying claims she was planning to destroy Kanyari’s reputation.

Later on, after gifting the preacher a pack of condoms, kotex panty liners and Arimis, she confessed her love for him, which left Pastor Kanyari blushing.

“Nataka utoke kwa Rish Kamunge kuja hapa. Wacha kunyonga hii tunaweka kando. Niko na kizazi. Hawa watoto wa US tuongezee watoto wengine. Nimechoka,” Faith said in church.

The actions saw the two trend on social media, forcing the controversial preacher to address the matter, terming Faith’s action as disrespectful.

”Condoms kwa kanisa??” a netizen said.

The single mother of two claimed she had been celibate for two years and was ready to get married to Kanyari, stating that her dowry stands at Ksh100million.

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