Pilot dies after plane crashes during gender reveal stunt

Pilot dies after plane crashes during gender reveal stunt

A pilot has died following a crash during a gender reveal party in Mexico.

In a video making rounds on the internet, the plane- Piper PA-25- flew past a huge stand written ‘Oh Baby’ in what was supposed to be a unique gender reveal stunt.

The plane released pink smoke right after flying past the stand to signify the unborn child was a baby girl.

The elated couple jumped up hugging each other before their sweet moment was suddenly cut short by screams within the audience.

Gender reveal party goes south

The viral video depicted the plane’s left wing disintegrating from the fuselage as it flew away.

Reports by CNN indicate that the pilot, identified as Luis Ángel, passed away shortly after being rushed to hospital.

None of the guests was harmed in the shocking incident.

It is not uncommon for gender reveal parties to go south due to different stunts incorporated to announce the gender of the unborn baby.

In 2020, a couple from California, United States were charged with involuntary manslaughter. This was after a device they used to reveal the gender of their unborn baby sparked a fire in San Bernardino National Forest, killing one firefighter.

Upcoming trend

Celebrity couples in Kenya have also picked up the trend borrowing ideas from renowned personalities abroad.

For instance renowned comedian Eric Omondi was at loggerheads with environmentalists for holding a gender reveal party by a waterfall.

Omondi and his partner Lynne Njehia held the party at Fourteen Falls in Thika, Kiambu County on Saturday, July 22.

They watched the water turn pink as they announced that they were expecting a baby girl. In efforts to clarify the incident, Omondi stated that the pink substance was not harmful.

“Sio kemikali, ni chakula ya samaki, tumechezea tu. Ni chakula ya samaki tumeweka food color,” he added.

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