Tofauti ya apartment na plot- Billy and Mbaruk


Billy Miya and Mwalimu Mbaruk are a familiar duo in the radio industry.

The two are popularly known for their infectious sense of humour due to their undeniable chemistry.

They host Radio 47’s ‘Maskani 47’ an evening drive show that airs Monday-Friday from 3-7 pm.

Mwalimu Mbaruk and Billy Miya photographed with a portrait of Billy Miya by Johana Ochieng’ the artist. PHOTO/COURTESY

In a recent link on their show, they sent their listeners guffawing as they made comparisons between an apartment and an ordinary urban housing unit, popularly known as Ploti.

Mbaruk started off the conversation by asking his co-host Billy what the difference was.

Apartment versus lavatory

“In an apartment, everyone has their own toilet whereas in a ploti the washrooms are shared,” said Billy.

He kept highlighting the differences in a hilarious manner amidst hearty laughter.

“In an apartment, everyone buys their own (electricity) tokens whereas, in a plot, they give the caretaker money to purchase the same and sometimes he might not do so.

The duo was photographed outside TV47’s offices. PHOTO/COURTESY

Mbaruk further added that, in an apartment, there is a designated parking space whereas in an ploti, one has to pass through hanging lines to get to their house.

They further went ahead and highlighted the difference between the respect one receives when entering an apartment compared to a ploti.

Respect in the apartment

“In an apartment, the guard welcomes you with niceties whereas Ploti does not have guards.”

“Everyone (who lives in a ploti) has their own key and in the event, you forget or lose yours, you need to figure out how you will get someone else to open the door for you.”

According to the duo, if you are not informed by the guards that you have visitors and asked to approve, then you live in a ploti.

“When a mechanic is leaving the apartment with your car, the tenants are asked if they are aware whereas in a ploti, even your wife is “stolen”.”

“In an apartment, people do not lend each other things like salt shakers, matchboxes, or a stove,” added Billy Miya.

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