Police recover marijuana consignment from hearse heading to Busia

Police recover marijuana consignment from hearse heading to Busia

Yesterday night, policemen pulled off a jaw-dropping move.

A bunch of 12 big sacks of marijuana were packed up on a funeral hearse.

The hearse was on the move, cruising towards Kisumu port city.

The police found Marijuana in the funeral hearse. Photo: DCI

The police officers at Suo roadblock in Busia County, doing their routine check noticed something was off.

The officers waved down a white Nissan van “Rafiki Funeral Services-Othaya” written all over it.

Upon further inquiry, the boys in blue caught a whiff that something was off.

The police nabbed the above hearse that was transporting marijuana

The vehicle’s driver hesitantly lowered his window and muttered some words after responding to the officer’s greetings.

the policeman detected some smell from inside the vehicle that was not related to human remains.

His fears were confirmed moments later when after conducting a search inside the vehicle together with his colleagues, they discovered 12 sacks of cannabis sativa arranged on the seats and floor of the van.

The 12 sacks were taken to Busia police station. Photo: DCI.

Without splitting hairs – the driver, identified as Hussein Otita, was arrested.

The detectives from the Anti-Narcotics Unit swooped in and took charge.

They’re digging deep into the case to get more information.

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