Political Analyst Pauline Njoroge claims Nyanza towns are cleaner than Central


Pauline Njoroge has taken a bold stance and aimed a series of critiques at Central Kenya residents who have long prided themselves on being pioneers of development.

However, recent discussions surrounding the concept of “Dead Capital” have shattered this once-unwavering belief, sparking a wave of introspection.

Amid the online buzz surrounding the Dead Capital hashtag, Pauline Njoroge couldn’t help but notice the stark contrast between the grandeur of Nyanza’s houses and the modest abodes in Central Kenya. With an incisive message, she implored the latter to wake up and confront a new reality.

Clean streets in Nyanza, Kisumu in the CBD. Photo/Courtesy

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Pauline openly shared her involvement in the viral conversation surrounding Dead Capital, which had captivated netizens. The prevailing sentiment among online users was that the funds invested in rural housing were misdirected, marking a questionable strategy.

The houses in Nyanza are a site to behold. Apart from the houses, most of their towns are very clean, well-organised, and dot nice buildings” she said.

Pauline’s candid remarks resonated with her followers, who echoed her sentiments. They challenged the long-standing assumption that Central Kenya was economically superior to other regions.

A posh house built in the village of Nyanza in Kisumu. Photo/Courtesy

Hellen Gatuku: “Just imagine how a place like Tigoni in Limuru would look like if Luos were the people surrounded by so many white settlers.”

John Tiger: “Not many are ready for this conversation. Central Kenya being economically ahead is a tired notion. I used to think the same until I visited Nyanza and Western Kenya.”

Victor Tebiko: “I was in Kisumu last year for a week. I realised the large populace have no business in town but in the outskirts. This leaves the inner city clean, decongested and with fresh air.”

Carol Wa Davie: “Umeenda sana. Look at Nyeri town or even Nyahururu. No planning, just old houses kiosks everywhere.”

Watu ya Mûrima, hakuna mwenye ako na picha ya nyumba ya Uhunye huko Ichaweri ashtue nayo hao Omeras (People from the mountain there is no one who has a picture even one belonging to Uhuru Kenyatta to unleash and shock people from Nyanza?)” another humorously added.

Pauline’s comments emerged following a friendly exchange on social media that compared architectural developments in Central and Nyanza regions.

This trend has ignited a compelling debate challenging the perception of these areas as repositories of ‘dead capital’ in the real estate market.

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