Azimio: Maina Njenga’s abduction was “gang-style”


The Azimio la Umoja coalition has issued a statement in regard to the alleged abduction of former Mungiki sect leader Maina Njenga.

The Coalition says that this part of the Kenya Kwanza government plans to intimidate its allies.

Njenga was due to be arraigned in court on Monday for a pre-trail hearing, however, Azimio says that this is a choreographed move to interfere with the proceedings.

“We vehemently condemn the abduction and continued persecution of Mr. Maina and his family.” said part of Azimio’s Statement.

“We demand his immediate and unconditional release and his production in court.

“We want to make it clear that we will hold the Inspector General of Police fully accountable for Mr Maina’s life should anything happen to him.”

According to Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru, Maina was abducted from his house in Kiambu on Saturday night.

“My client Maina Njenga has been abducted by the DCI from his house in Kiambu. He has been taken to an undisclosed location,” he posted on his X handle.

Meanwhile, the opposition outfit has also alleged that this is a deliberate attempt to distract Kenyans from the pressing issues such as the rising cost of fuel and food.

“The abductors were driving Subarus, armed, and hooded.

“It is highly likely that they were part of the Special Support Unit, known for terrorizing Kenyans during the anti-tax protests.

“The SSU is evidently still active and determined to intimidate and harm Kenyans.”

It is believed that Njenga was taken together with his personal assistant Felix Lakishe, the police are yet to give any information in regard to the whereabouts of the two.

“We strongly condemn the gang-style abduction of Mr Njenga and his continued persecution without any charges being preferred against him.

“His family is being kept in the dark regarding his whereabouts.

“The information we have suggests that the abductors did not identify themselves, nor did they state that he was under arrest.

All indications point to this being an operation carried out by rogue police. said Azimio

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