Levi Kones: I was arrested and deported from America because of a woman


Levi Kones, a Kenyan journalist and author is the type that uses words like exacerbate in normal conversation. “I realized that I had an alcohol problem that seems to exacerbate my issues and I thought I should get rid of it,” he said this on an interview on TV47’s Digital show ‘Unfiltered’.

Kones talks about his strained relationship with his father, going to America for studies, getting a nice job that paid the bills, being arrested and deported back to Kenya six years later and battling alcohol addiction.

Just when he had picked his life together, he was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. He started writing his first book ‘There is No Useless Experience’. Two years later, he was declared cancer free.

“My employer kept me as I was battling cancer. I kept receiving my salary,” he said.

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Banned from Rwanda?

Following a nasty exchange with Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame on X (formerly Twitter), Kones might be banned from Rwanda.

“There are rumours that I am persona non grata in that country. If the President of Rwanda is watching, please invite me we bury this story,” he says amidst a hearty laughter.

In my analysis, I think Levi Kones was born on a sunny Sunday morning with a rabbit’s foot. I don’t know how somebody can be so hapless yet so lucky.


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