Process of Finance Bill 2024 to law


The conversation on the Finance Bill 2024 has currently taken center stage in conversations among Kenyans.

This begs the question, how does this bill become law?

1. The Finance bill is formulated by the National Treasury and Executive (the national and county govt) based on the needs of different government entities.

2. The bill is then taken to Parliament, and the Finance and Public Committee tables it before the National Assembly. This is mostly done by the committee chair who is currently Molo MP Kimani Kuria Article 118 (1) of the Constitution speaks to public participation once the bill has been introduced to the house.

3. So, a bill undergoes the first reading, the second reading where a vote is taken on the general outlines of the bill and finally a third reading where the bill is read with all the amendments arising from public participation and MPs.

There are various ways in which a citizen can be involved in public participation:

They can submit memoranda to the Finance committee or they can attend forums organised by government agencies and give their input

The last stage after the third reading is the presidential assent this is basically where the Presidet puts his signature on the bill and it immediately changes its name to an Act (it becomes law).

It is important to note that the Finance Act, 2023, was assented to by the President on 26th June 2023, making it the fastest Finance Bill to be signed in Kenya’s history

The Treasury CS then gives legal notice on the commencement of the Act so in other words when it will start being implemented.

“We’ll return to the streets!”- Kalonzo warns over Finance Bill 2024

Azimio co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka has threatened to organize nationwide demonstrations over the proposed Finance Bill 2024.

He was speaking today (Wednesday, May 15) after the Azimio parliamentary group meeting, dubbed Azimio Legislative Workshop.

Musyoka told President William Ruto that Kenyans would not sit as members of parliament approve the ‘punitive’ Bill.

“As a coalition, we are ready to go back to the streets if that is what it takes. I hope you are bold enough. Be ready ladies and gentlemen.

“If you feel a little weak that you think you can’t withstand another round of demonstrations, then go eat something strong because we need you and this country needs you,” he asserted.

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