Ruto has succeeded in painting DP Gachagua as a villain – Justina Wamae

Ruto has succeeded in painting DP Gachagua as a villain – Justina Wamae

Former presidential running mate Justina Wamae now says that Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is being set on a collision path politically.

Justina says that in a bid to protect his boss, President William Ruto, DP Gachagua is antagonising current and future political allies.

She claims that President Ruto is deliberately hoodwinking his deputy into making unpopular opinions and policies, so that in the end, Gachagua will look bad while he will appear a saint to Kenyans from different political divides.

“Our DP as he says might be doing his job to protect his boss, he needs to stop and think probably his boss wants him to say all the BAD things that the boss will not say so that the boss is seen as the good guy and the DP the BAD guy, which they have succeeded,” she says.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has been known to shoot from the hip, earning himself the moniker – truthful man.

The ploy has succeeded

Justina further says that the ploy has already succeeded.

“The DP should realise very fast that he is already alienated and even children know that Kithure Kindiki would have made a better DP….. Mahali imefika, wacha boss pia yeye ajipiganie, ako na mdomo.”

Justina sentiments come a day after Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka lauded President Ruto for showing commitment in the bipartisan talks, while blasting DP Gachagua.

Justina Wamae says there is a ploy – which has already succeeded – to paint Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua in bad light. “Mahali imefika, wacha boss pia yeye ajipiganie, ako na mdomo,” she says.

Kalonzo accused Gachagua of attempting to frustrate the talks that are meant to resolve the country’s political impasse.

“We have a problem with what some people are saying. President Ruto’s deputy (Gachagua) attended a funeral in Ukambani and what he said there has left residents wondering what kind of leader he is. But we will call everyone to order,” Kalonzo said.

Wambugu Ngunjiri’s opinion

In October 2022, former Nyeri Town MP Wambugu Ngunjiri alleged to a similar plot.

Back then, Wambugu said that Gachagua against falling into a trap, which might compromise his position as the second in command.

He also says a lot of sensible stuff in between his earthy humour and jokes. But media somehow tends to only carry those stories that make us laugh at him. Gradually, we will get to a point where his public image will be of a political joker who’s out of his depth as DP. (And he’s falling into the trap). In a couple of months, no one will take him or what he says seriously.

“Ultimately this will completely undermine his office and his role as DP. To what end, especially considering in this government the two leaders are working well together?” Wambugu said back then.

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