Shatta Bway’s tender steps to help his children heal from their Mum’s loss

Shatta Bway’s tender steps to help his children heal from their Mum’s loss

Steve Jacob Maunda, known in the media space as Shatta Bway has opened up.

He said being a father especially after he lost his wife had a different meaning.

He is putting all his efforts into helping his two young children navigate life without their mother.

In an interview with TV47, the father of two shared his approach to ensuring his children grow up without childhood trauma.

They lost their mother on June 25, 2023.

The former radio presenter said that he wants his children to be as trauma-free as possible.

Further, he is committed to being an informed parent.

Shatta Bway’s childhood

Shatta Bway talked about his upbringing and revealed that he was brought up in a polygamous home.

Furthermore, he would never want his children to go through that.

Additionally, he wants to create a safe environment.

Where his two children feel safe enough to talk about their mother anytime they feel like it.

“If they bring their mother up, I do not believe in blocking the conversation because I want them to heal through it,” he stated.

Opposed to remarrying

Further, he said that he would not remarry.

He wants to fully focus on his children and while people might not understand he is not changing his mind.

He fears that if he remarries his children might not be as free or forthcoming with the information given they might not want to fracture the parents’ relations

Admittedly, he has seen successful blended families but he doesn’t think that is something he might pursue.

“Children undergo a lot and they don’t feel like they have a safe space. So children might be put through a lot and now they may start revolting, and the dad doesn’t know why,” he noted.

“There are success stories, but for me, I have not seen a case where I have a guy remarry and it’s not gone well,” pointed out Shatta.

He is more concerned about his children healing from their Mom and not having to worry about sharing their father.

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