Shofco launches TAMBUA! Music skills development and mentorship programme

Shofco launches TAMBUA! Music skills development and mentorship programme

TAMBUA! Is a talent platform that has been launched by the community advocacy organization, Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) to create opportunities for the next generation of music stars around Kenya. 

“Talent is universal but opportunities are not,” says Kennedy Odede, CEO SHOFCO. “Tambua is creating unique opportunities for the youth and giving them a chance to succeed.” 

Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) CEO Kennedy Odede during the launch of Tambua.

TAMBUA! is a skills discovery and development targeting untapped talent among the youth in different urban communities in Kenya, starting with Kibera.

“As you all know, tough places, such as the informal settlements, force the youth to think outside the box as they go through their hard lives,” says Odede. “There are millions of talented young people in places that have been forgotten by the system.  Creativity is a talent.” He adds, “This is a moment to identify those talents and promote them so that hopefully they can uplift themselves and others, paving the way for people to come out of poverty using music, using creativity.”

There was an overwhelming response to a call sent out in August 2023 for artistes based in Kibera to register for the event. 25 acts representing the entire spectrum of music, from singers and rappers, to MCs, DJs and dancers and even a paint artist, were selected to perform at the inaugural TAMBUA! showcase on September 2 at the SHOFCO School for Girls Auditorium, from 11am to 4pm.

“Tambua is creating unique opportunities for the youth and giving them a chance to succeed,” says Shofco CEO Kennedy Odede.

Each of the artistes will be allocated 3 minutes for a performance before a jury consisting of respected music industry professionals. They will be evaluated on musical quality, songwriting, authenticity, style, confidence, stage presence, and their ability to connect with the audience

The top 3 outstanding acts will have a career-changing opportunity to be mentored by some of the most successful music producers in the country, including the Grammy nominated group Jabali Afrika, internationally renowned rapper Octopizzo, who grew up in the area where SHOFCO is located, and Tabu Osusa, Executive Director & Founder Ketebul Music. They will be guided on shaping their musical identity, writing and production, video direction and building a sustainable brand.

The event will also feature influential personalities who will share their experiences with the young artistes and offer professional and personal insights on career, determination, discipline and success. The special guests for the event are Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba, John Andrews, General Manager, Universal Music (Kenya, the iconic motor rally driver Patrick Njiru, Jahmby “Fyah Mummah” Koikai, broadcaster and MC, and Raphael Obonyo, convenor of the Youth Congress and singer, actor and broadcaster Antoneosoul.

“Art is the expression of a people to their true selves,” says judge and mentor Jahmby. “This project is the true spirit of the people”

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