Why BIC pen remains the best for students and pupils – Salome Ngugi

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Why BIC pen remains the best for students and pupils – Salome Ngugi

As the back-to-school season unfolds across Kenya, a flood of memories washes over me. Memories of a childhood filled with wonder, of school days spent learning and growing, and of the simple pleasures of life in my village in Kiambu County.

Among these memories, one constant companion stands out, a trusty tool that has journeyed with me from those early days to where I stand today – the BIC pen. Growing up in a close-knit village, my world was a blend of school, helping my parents with the farm,and cherished moments of play with friends.

Through it all, the humble BIC pen was a steadfast presence in my life. It was the instrument that gave life to my thoughts, the key to unlocking the world of knowledge within the pages of my textbooks. Little did I know that this unassuming pen would play a pivotal role in shaping my future.

Today, I proudly hold the position of Marketing Manager at BIC East Africa. The journey from a young student using BIC pens as a professional contributing to the brand that has been an integral part of my life is a testament to the power of dreams and determination.

It’s a unique full-circle experience that fills me with a sense of responsibility and purpose. Witnessing the generational connection to BIC products is heartwarming. As I watch my son use a BIC pen for his studies, I am reminded that the legacy of quality and reliability continues to pass down through the years.

BIC pens have been, and continue to be, a bridge between generations, linking the past with the present. BIC’s prominence as the most widely used ball pen in Kenya is not a coincidence. It stems from a steadfast commitment to deliver products that consistently meet high standards of quality and durability, all while remaining accessible in terms of pricing, and close to consumers.

This commitment is underscored by initiatives that drive students to use writing tools to write and own their future.

The ‘My Words, My Story, My BIC Pen’ handwriting program is close to my heart. It enhances students’ learning experience by providing accessibility to writing tools and encouraging self-expression.

To date, we have reached over 35,000 students and continue to impact students across Kenya and beyond – in line with BIC’s commitment to improve learning conditions for 250 million students by 2025.

This is a pledge I take pride in, knowing that my journey has led me to contribute to such a meaningful cause. In an era marked by the economic repercussions of the rise of the costs of living, the value proposition of brands like BIC has become more crucial than ever. BIC has stood the test of time and economic challenges, emerging as a beacon of reliability and affordability.

In a landscape where change is constant, the enduring presence of the BIC pen provides a sense of stability and reassurance. In a digital age, where technology vies for attention, the simplicity and significance of pen and paper remain unparalleled.

In East Africa, including Kenya, nearly 99% of educational institutions rely on this timeless combination. The BIC Cristal pen, with its iconic clear design, symbolizes this enduring relationship between the written word and human expression.

Its simplicity, combined with high-quality craftsmanship and safety features, embodies the wisdom of Leonardo da Vinci’s words: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

As I reflect on my journey from a village in Kiambu county to my role at BIC East Africa, the BIC pen stands as a silent witness to my growth, dreams, and accomplishments. It’s a tangible link between the dreams of a child and the aspirations of an adult.

This back-to-school season, as students across Kenya prepare to embark on their own journeys of learning and self-discovery, I am reminded of the transformative power of education and the tools that accompany it.

In the hands of a young student, a BIC pen is not just an instrument; it’s a vessel for ideas, dreams, and endless possibilities. It’s a symbol of continuity, connecting generations through the written word. As I continue my own journey, I am honored to contribute to a brand that has been a constant
companion, empowering countless individuals to write their own stories, just as it has empowered me.

So, as schools reopen and students eagerly grasp their BIC pens, let us celebrate the magic of beginnings, the beauty of simplicity, and the enduring legacy of a pen that writes not only words but memories, dreams, and a bright future for Kenya and beyond.

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