Spanish FA president’s Mother goes on a hunger strike

Spanish FA president’s Mother goes on a hunger strike

Mother to embattled Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales has reportedly locked herself in a church.

Angeles Bejar says she will go on a hunger strike. She believes her son is being subjected to inhumane treatment following his involvement in an unsolicited kiss with Jenni Hermoso.

Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales’s mother Angeles Bejar seen speaking to some at the church she locked herself into.

Rubiales, previously anticipated to resign last Friday, declared that a campaign labelled a “false feminists” witch-hunt unjustly targets him.

Declared by Rubiales’ mother, her hunger strike will persist until they achieve a resolution for the cruel and unjust pursuit her son faces.

Luis Rubiales kissing a Spain national women’s team player on the cheek

Characterizing her son as someone “incapable of causing harm to anyone,” Bejar backed his statement surrounding the kiss.

She emphasized that there was no instance of sexual abuse as both parties had given their consent.

Rubiales frames the kiss as consensual, stating he sought Hermoso’s permission for a peck, which she reportedly approved.

Hermoso rejected any suggestion that the kiss was consensual. She described Rubiales’ words as “categorically false” and said the “conversation did not happen.”

Rubiales and Hermoso moments before the controversial kiss

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) issued a statement on his behalf, saying Rubiales “will defend himself legally in the competent bodies” to prove “his complete innocence”

The aftermath of the incident unfolded on Saturday afternoon when the entire coaching staff of the Spain women’s team resigned collectively, excluding head coach Vilda.

Spain’s triumphant World Cup manager criticized suspended Rubiales, deeming the kiss “inappropriate and intolerable” amid the ongoing situation.

The Spanish football federation has since called an “extraordinary and urgent” meeting over the situation.