Stevo Simple Boy elated after retrieving his social media accounts

Stevo Simple Boy elated after retrieving his social media accounts

Stephen Otieno Adera, also known as Stevo Simple Boy, recently experienced a positive turn of events regarding his social media accounts. Stevo Simple Boy is a rapper and singer known for his unique style and cheerful demeanor.

Stevo Simple Boy was previously under the management of MIB Africa. However, his musical contract with them was terminated on July 31, 2023. Despite the termination of the contract, his social media accounts remained under the control of his former management.

He was reportedly distressed about not having access to his social media accounts even after parting ways with MIB Africa. Social media accounts are crucial for artists to connect with their fans and promote their work.

Stevo Simple Boy all smiles after retrieving his social media accounts. “Bravo bravo bila mbwatata 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 furaha ribo ribo,”he says.

It seems that there was a delay or disagreement in transferring ownership of these accounts.

In a recent video posted on his Instagram account, Stevo Simple Boy shared his joy and excitement about finally regaining control of his social media accounts. The video depicted him visibly elated, jumping up and down in high spirits, and confirming the good news.

This situation emphasizes on the importance of clear communication and agreements between artists and their management teams, especially when it comes to digital assets like social media accounts.

Social media platforms are powerful tools for artists to engage with their audience, promote their work, and maintain their public image.

It’s heartening to hear that Stevo Simple Boy’s social media accounts were retrieved and that he can continue to connect with his fans and share his music and updates directly.

Stevo Simple Boy during a photoshoot. PHOTO/COURTESY

This incident also highlights the evolving landscape of the music industry, where online presence and digital platforms play a crucial role in an artist’s career.

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