TikTok boss on how Kenyans can make money from the platform

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TikTok boss on how Kenyans can make money from the platform

TikTok Africa Director Fortune Mgwili Sibanda listed three main ways in which Kenyans can make bank from the platform.

Speaking to a local newspaper, Mgwili revealed that a fourth way to make money was in the works.

TikTok recently launched a feature called Series where creators can monetize their content.

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This can be done by charging consumers to access informative and premium content.

“Another form of monetization is the TikTok Series which went in South Africa and Kenya two months ago.”

“It allows creators to put some exclusive content behind a paywall and have people subscribe to it by paying a token subscription fee,” he told Business Daily newspaper.

Creators can upload up to 80 videos of a duration of 20 minutes each.

They can charge their content between price range $0.99 and $189.99 USD.

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Brand partnerships

The second method in which creators can make money on TikTok is through brand collaborations.

“If you publish good quality content, people will come to you so we’ve seen creators that are producing this very good quality content and they are starting to have relationships with brands,’ said Mgwili.

Live Gifts

Finally, a  Kenyan TikTok user is able to receive money in form of gifts when they go live.

“There is gifting when you go live, which is another way of making money. For example, you can have a stand-up comedian go live, and people award him or her with a token.”

“It could be a flower that can be converted into real money. But the critical thing is your content, which will give an audience for you, then money will follow,” he said.

One is eligible to go live if they are of the age of majority (18-years-old) and have 1,000 and more on TikTok.