Toco: Japanese man turned into a dog wants a wife

Toco: Japanese man turned into a dog wants a wife

In a surreal turn of events, Toco, the man-dog from Japan, has set his sights on a most peculiar quest – he’s on a serious hunt for a lady to share his bizarre canine existence.

Toco, having recently made his debut as a man of four feet, spared no expense in his pursuit of canine transformation.

A jaw-dropping Sh 2.8 Million was invested in a custom-made collie costume, famously known as “the human collie,” all in the name of realizing his peculiar dream of “becoming an animal.”

When asked why he chose the collie breed, his explanation is nothing short of peculiar. “The reason I chose a collie dog breed specifically is primarily because I like raising them,” he reveals.

Toco, Japanese man turned into a dog has always wanted to be a human-sized pet dog. Photo/Courtesy

“Secondly, because if it wasn’t a naturally large size breed, it wouldn’t look unnaturally disproportionate when worn by someone as a costume.

Additionally, the collie’s long fur helps camouflage the human form discreetly.” One can’t help but wonder about the mind that conceived such peculiar criteria.

Having kept this canine transformation under wraps for almost a year, Toco finally unveiled his four-legged persona earlier this summer. The video of his maiden stroll as a human collie quickly went viral, leaving the internet in bewildered astonishment.

Toco, the man-dog, doesn’t conclude with his public canine debut. He has taken the audacious step of revealing his unique inclinations to his family and is now embarking on an even stranger journey – he seeks a canine companion of the opposite gender.

“I think it would be great if something like this existed,” he confesses, referring to the possibility of a romance with a woman who, too, delights in dressing up as a dog. The pursuit of such a bizarre love story is a testament to Toco’s singular vision.

It is of paramount importance to clarify that Toco identifies as a “therian,” a term denoting those who connect with nonhuman species.

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Not to be confused with “furries,” a subculture with a penchant for dressing as animals and, on occasion, partaking in activities best left to the imagination. Toco’s unique identity sets him apart in the world of surreal transformations.

While Toco’s daily routine, spent on all fours, may sound physically taxing to most, he vehemently insists that the sense of fulfilment he derives from this surreal experience is worth every unusual moment.

“Rather than being tough or physically uncomfortable,” he attests, “the excitement and fun I receive from this experience are stronger,” as if he’s unearthed the most extraordinary form of joy amidst the bizarre.

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