Isa Balado: Man arrested for touching a reporters booty on live TV in Spain

Isa Balado: Man arrested for touching a reporters booty on live TV in Spain

In a shocking turn of events, Madrid police have apprehended an individual on suspicion of sexually assaulting a Spanish journalist during a live TV.

Isa Balado, a dedicated reporter for the esteemed Spanish broadcaster Cuatro, found herself at the center of a harrowing incident while covering an armed robbery in Madrid on a fateful Tuesday.

As the nation tuned in, Balado bravely delivered her live report, unaware of the impending turmoil. A man, daringly disregarding the sanctity of the moment, approached her from behind, and it appeared as though he had touched her inappropriately.

Isa Balado in action hosting a news program in Spain. Photo/Courtesy

Undeterred by the intrusion, Balado valiantly attempted to continue her live broadcast, but the gravity of the situation was impossible to ignore.

Nacho Abad, the host of the news program, intervened, his voice a mix of concern and indignation, as he inquired if Balado had indeed been subjected to assault.

Balado, with remarkable composure, confirmed the distressing incident. Abad, his resolve unwavering, demanded that the individual responsible be brought before the camera, referring to him as an “idiot.”

Nacho Abad, host of News Program in Spain. Photo/Courtesy

But Balado, undeterred by the ordeal, confronted her assailant, her words ingrained with a blend of professionalism and indignation.

“As much as you want to ask what channel we are from,” she admonished him, “do you really have to touch my bottom? I’m doing a live show, and I’m working.”

The camera, now a witness to this unsettling drama, pivoted to reveal the man, who sported an unsettling smile, seemingly oblivious to the magnitude of his actions.

The confrontation unfolded on live television, a stark reminder of the disturbing intrusion into her personal space.

The man, however, denied any wrongdoing, and after a brief exchange, he made his exit from the scene, leaving behind a trail of discomfort and shock.

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Spain’s National Police force swiftly moved to address this grievous offense, confirming in a tweet on Thursday that an arrest had been made.

The tweet solemnly stated that a man had been taken into custody on Tuesday for the reprehensible act of “sexually assaulting a reporter while she was doing a television live shot.” The accompanying image showed the individual in question, escorted in handcuffs, a symbol of accountability.

This appalling incident elicited widespread condemnation from Spanish officials and the public alike. Labour Minister Yolanda Diaz, in a passionate social media post, attributed such acts to the deeply ingrained issue of “machismo” and called for stern consequences, insisting, “It cannot go unpunished.”

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The parent company of Cuatro, Mediaset Espana, was resolute in its support of Isa Balado, vehemently denouncing any form of harassment or aggression. In a statement, they expressed unwavering solidarity with the journalist, condemning the “absolutely intolerable situation” she had endured.

This distressing episode unfolded against a backdrop of heightened sensitivity to issues of gender-based violence and sexual assault in Spain.

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It comes at a time when the nation grapples with a scandal involving the now-resigned president of the Spanish soccer federation, Luis Rubiales, accused of a forcible kiss on national soccer team player Jenni Hermoso after her team’s FIFA Women’s World Cup victory.

As Spain confronts these unsettling incidents, it also faces the grim reality of escalating gender-based violence, with data revealing a disturbing surge, including 40 murders since the start of the year, a chilling reminder of the challenges ahead.

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