Tom Daktari: Mimi sio mwalimu, I have studied medicine

Tom Daktari: Mimi sio mwalimu, I have studied medicine

Kenya’s fastest rising comedian and actor Tom Daktari has revealed his true profession as Medicine and not Education.

Speaking during an interview on Dr. Ofweneke show on TV47, the comedian revealed his profession as a doctor and not a teacher.

“Mimi sio mwalimu, but I have studied medicine,” he said.

Tom who is known for his comedy skits on social media acting as a teacher, has made his fans to see him as one.

However, he also revealed the inspiration towards his teacher skits to be his English teacher back in Primary School.

“Kunilima nayo alinilima, nikama alikua ananimold nikue iyo character yake. In translation My English teacher really disciplined me, like he wanted me to be like him.”

File image of comedian and actor Tom Daktari: Photo[Courtesy]

“Waliniombea sana nikue mwalimu, my father wanted to see a career,” he added.

Tom says that his father always prays for him to be employed despite him receiving gigs for his comedy skits.

“One of the reasons I have studied is because my father wanted to see me employed somewhere and waking up early for work,” Tom added.

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