UDA MP now says motor vehicle tax could be limited to PSVs only

UDA MP now says motor vehicle tax could be limited to PSVs only

Member of Parliament (MP) for Mbeere North Geoffrey Ruku was at pains to defend the proposed Finance Bill 2024, which includes a plan to tax car owners.

The Bill proposes a 2.5 percent tax on all motor vehicles owners, with a minimum of KSh5,000 and a maximum of KSh100,000 to be deducted through insurance companies.

During the Citizen TV interview, MP Ruku was questioned about the rationale behind taxing car owners further, considering they already pay various taxes.

He defended the bill by stating that its still a proposal and will be scrutinized in parliament to ensure it does not adversely affect Kenyans.

He mentioned that the bill might be revised to target only commercial vehicles and not personal cars.

”The motor vehicle tax will be reduced to motor vehicles [commercial vehicles and trucks] that are generating income,” Ruku added.

The proposed bill has already elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans, with the majority of them blasting the government for overtaxing them.

His commitment to revisiting the bill to prevent adverse effects on Kenyan citizens shows a responsive approach to public concerns.

The adjustment of the proposed tax to focus solely on commercial vehicles rather than personal car owners could alleviate the financial burden on individuals taxpayers and ensure that the tax policy is fair and equitable.

This move is likely to be welcomed by many, as it demonstrates the government’s willingness to listen to feedback and make necessary changes to proposed legislation.

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