Uhuru’s demands are sensational and political, says Belgut MP Nelson Koech

Uhuru’s demands are sensational and political, says Belgut MP Nelson Koech

Belgut member of parliament (MP) Nelson Koech responded after former President Uhuru Kenyatta accused the Kenya Kwanza government of not funding his office.

Speaking on Tuesday June 11, 2024 during an interview on national TV, Koech noted that Uhuru was just exaggerating the issue, for political reasons.

This comes after Uhuru Kenyatta, through his spokesperson Kanze Dena on Monday afternoon noted that his office has been starved of its rightful packages, among them the stipulated budgetary allocations.

”Uhuru Kenyatta should be the last person to demand for his pension. There is a code of conduct for all the civil servants and that is why you have not heard complaints from the likes of Moody Awori who benefit from the same scheme or even Kalonzo Musyoka and Raila Odinga,” Koech stated.

Koech argued that it was insensitive for the former president President to demand a huge budgetary allocation while the nation is reeling from the economic crisis.

The MP maintained that Uhuru Kenyatta’s allegation is just a political stunt and he should address the issue through the appropriate channels.

“The vehicles allocated to the former president were not new, in fact they were part of the motorcade when he left Kasarani Stadium during the inauguration ceremony and this was agreed that he uses the vehicles on a transitional basis they begin the process of procuring new vehicles,” Koech added.

Uhuru Kenyatta had raised concern over the old cars he has been driving, arguing that he needs new ones. He also accused the government of not adhering to provisions in the Presidential Retirement Benefits Act.

”Kenyans are suffering and it is important to understand where people are .It is unfair for a former president who you can see is enjoying largesse from the government traveling the world to still demand for money when he knows the state of the economy,” Koech argued.

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