Willis Raburu: I am only loud and hyper on TV

Willis Raburu: I am only loud and hyper on TV

Media Personality Willis Raburu has admitted that some of his experiences meeting fans have not always been seamless.

In a candid interview on TV47’s breakfast show MorningCafe, Raburu shared a few incidents where he ran into his fans.

“Whenever people see me out there whether it’s at a supermarket, petrol station, or anywhere else they expect the hyper Willis they see on TV which is not always how I will behave.

“Hakuna mtu amewahi nisalimia in a low voice ati ‘Willis uko aje?’ It’s always in a very loud voice ‘Hee Bazuu, hee Willis.

Then mimi najibu in a low tone ‘Niko sawa’ because it’s been a long day.

They are left wondering whether I am okay,” the former ’10 over 10′ TV show host said, chuckling.

In yet another awkward occurrence, the journalist recalled bumping into a drunken group at a supermarket.

They insisted on taking selfies, holding him, whispering things in his ear, and publicly declaring their love and respect for him, causing a standstill in the retailer.

“I was in a certain 24-hour supermarket one Friday after my show,

“I met people who were intoxicated na unajua hao hawana decorum,” he narrated.

Raburu admitted that he appreciated the huge following he has amassed over the years, but some of those experiences were uncomfortable for him.

“I don’t like the outdoors as much and places where I am in a crowd so yeah I felt like they were in my space but I had to ‘vumilia’,” the entertainer added.

Raburu will be making his debut today (Friday) on TV47 with an entertainment show dubbed ‘Wabebe Experience’.

He will be hosting the 10 p.m. show alongside hype man MC Gogo (real name Franklin Mark Gogo).

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