Woman who died in 2018 ‘resurrects’, returns home

Woman who died in 2018 ‘resurrects’, returns home

A woman who is believed to have died in April 2018 shocked many after she showed up, literally coming back from the dead.

Speaking to Ayo TV, her relative narrated her illness, death, and burial process.

“This sister of ours suffered from a fever in 2018 that affected the whole body, chest, and legs and it finally became apparent that she was possessed by demons,” said the relative.

Spotted near a well…

It came as a shock when she was spotted by her younger brother in the clothes she was buried in.

“For a period of five years, finally on the 14th of this month, she appeared somewhere and found her younger brother in a well, drawing water.”

“Her younger brother thought she was really her, so they had to start making phone calls,

“Finally, he was picked up and taken to the office, and we got the information and we went and found that it was her.”

After confirming that it was really her, police escorted them to their home in Tanzania Mlele district, Katavi region.

Masses of people have been streaming into their homes to see her, seeing is believing.

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