2 die, 20 injured after man armed with knife attacks hospital in China

2 die, 20 injured after man armed with knife attacks hospital in China

Two people were killed while 20 others were seriously injured after a man armed with a knife attacked a hospital in South West China in Yunnan Prince, according to Chinese State media reports. 

The incident occurred on Monday May 6, 2024 at 1.20pm (0520 GMT) at a local hospital. 

Xinhua News termed the incident as a vicious assault on a hospital where two people were killed as 20 others were seriously injured.

A male suspect, who is allegedly a local from Zhenxiong County, Yunnan Province, has been apprehended in connection to the incident and investigations are currently underway according to the police. 

Among those injured are medical personnel who were on site, as eyewitnesses who were interviewed described the situation as chaotic.

Police have launched investigations into the incident to identify the motive for the attack.

Yunnan Province has in the past witnessed a similar attack after a man with a history of mental illness in August 2023 killed two and injured seven others in one incident.

A similar incident happened last year in Guangdong Province where there was a kindergarten stabbing that left six killed and one person wounded.

Additionally, a separate incident happened in 2022 at another kindergarten in Eastern Jiangxi province, where the stabbing incident led to death of 3 while six others were injured.

China has a strict policy on private ownership of firearms, and this has contributed to the increased cases of knife attacks. 

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