Salasya: This cold season makes me think of marrying one wife

Salasya: This cold season makes me think of marrying one wife

Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya has opened up on wanting to marry one wife this year due to the cold weather.

The legislator took to his Facebook page, posted a picture of him making an address with a caption “Hii baridi inaanza kunilazimisha to start thinking of getting one woman this year.”

(This cold season is forcing me to think of marrying one wife this year and another next year).

However, he added that he would come to marry another woman next year claiming that he had finances to sustain his two marriages.

“Alafu mwingine next year because I must marry more than two wives pesa ya kuwalinda iko kidogo ya kuwa maintain,” Salasya added.

Salasya has been rejecting marriage proposals from ladies despite him disclosing that he will be polygamous.

“This issue of marriage is very hard. I’ll be a polygamous man obviously. I’ll have three wives.”

One of his fans by the name Fred Machio commented under his post congratulating him for performing well in his job.

“Marriage is not comedy, just keep on playing your comedies and time is running out. You’re performing your given Job well, one of the best MP in Western and Nyanza,” Fred wrote.

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