Ashanti and Nelly rekindled love after 10 years

Ashanti and Nelly rekindled love after 10 years

In a twist worthy of a heartwarming fairytale movie, RnB legend Nelly has just confirmed what fans have been eagerly speculating about – he and songstress Ashanti have rekindled their love, a full decade after parting ways.

Rumors of their rekindled romance began earlier this year, fueled by sightings of the two together, yet neither of these beloved celebrities confirmed or denied the swirling speculations.

Nelly and Ashanti all smiles at they rekindle their love. Photo/Courtesy

But now, at 48 years old, Nelly has decided to shout it from the rooftops: Ashanti is his “boo,” and they are both overjoyed.

Ashanti walked in at the VMA awards in a sparkling cutout gown with a crystallized chest piece and a clutch featuring a throwback photo of herself and Nelly.

In addition, the standout accessory fully solidified the on-and off relationship, ending months of speculation with a single outfit.

Ashanti at the VMA Awards rocking a gorgeous gown with a customized clutch bag with a throwback photo of Nelly and herself stamping authority of their rekindled love. Photo/Courtesy

During a candid interview on “Boss Moves with Rasheeda,” hosted by Love and Hip Hop stars Rasheeda and Kirk Frost, Nelly left no room for doubt about their revived romance, saying, “‘Yeah, we cool again. ‘I think it surprised both of us though. It wasn’t anything that I don’t think was planned.'”

Nelly believes that the extended time apart has actually strengthened their bond.

As a Grammy award-winning artist, he explained that the separation allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of each other and their relationship.

“I think we both were pretty much doing what we do, but sometimes being separate, you understand one another more. You be like, ‘Yo, let me see exactly what they see.’ You know, because we all can be defensive sometimes in our own relationships.

We know we’re wrong, but we’re going to stand on it. But we’re all a victim to that,” Nelly shared with Rasheeda.

Ashanti and Nelly rekindle their love. Photo/Courtesy

Their public hints at a rekindled love story have been as heartwarming as their music.

Just last month, Nelly posted a video on his Instagram Story of the two of them snuggled up together, grooving to Usher’s “Nice & Slow.”

Their voices harmonized beautifully, crooning, “I just want to take it nice and slow… See I’ve been waiting for this for so long.”

Moreover, Ashanti and Nelly rekindle their love after a decade hiatus considering their history.

The duo originally dated on and off from 2003 to 2013, first crossing paths at a press conference for the 45th Annual Grammy Awards.

A throwback photo of Ashanti and Nelly back in the day. Photo/Courtesy

The odds of their love story reigniting seemed slim after Ashanti, now 42, expressed feeling “betrayed” by Nelly during an appearance on The Meredith Vieira Show in 2015.

However, time has worked its magic, rekindling a love story that now promises to capture hearts once again.