How to tell when it’s time to introduce your infant to food

How to tell when it’s time to introduce your infant to food

It is common for infant mothers to second guess when to transition to a new phase.

The transition from breastfeeding entirely to weaning is one of those phases.

Speaking on Radio 47’s mid-morning show, ‘Mchikicho’, clinical nutritionist Michael Waweru gave some guidelines on how to know when to wean an infant.


According to Mr Waweru, an infant is ready to start eating solid foods if the infant is 180 days old (six months).

Waweru cautioned mother’s to at least go to the clinic monthly from the day the infant is born.

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According to Waweru, if the baby has doubled in weight from the time it was born, then you know it is ready for weaning.

Weaning foods ought to be semi-solid. PHOTO/COURTESY

According to research, breastmilk only provides the energy and nutrients needed by an infant for a period of six months.

Lactating mothers are required to partake Vitamin D on a daily to help supplement nutrients.

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