Businessman Jimi Wanjigi confronts President Ruto over biting poverty

Businessman Jimi Wanjigi confronts President Ruto over biting poverty

Businessman-cum-politician Jimi Wanjigi took President William Ruto head-on regarding what he described as widespread poverty that is ravaging Kenyans.

Speaking on Thursday, August 17, at a function attended by President Ruto in Kiambu Town, Wanjigi told the head of state to his face that Kenyans were suffering economically.

According to the 2022 Presidential hopeful, the scarcity of food in the country has mutated into a security problem with many Kenyans now adopting a weird way of survival.

“Many people don’t tell you but I must tell you. Many of them are sleeping with machetes under their beds not because they are worried about thugs coming for the TV. It is because they know thieves are coming for food. True or false?” Wanjigi posed to the crowd.

The wealthy businessman said Kenyans have gotten to an all-time economic low, asking the President to be mindful of the common man.

In his words, President Ruto should have the citizenry in his heart as he works on the promises he made in the run-up to the 2022 General Election.

“These people’s problem is that the situation is bad on the ground, there is no money.,

“It is good if the President has you in his heart. He should know your state, isn’t it so?” Wanjigi posed.

Wanjigi also called on President Ruto to ensure that Kenya’s debt is well serviced. To him, Kenya’s debt is top of the list of the country’s problems that need to be addressed.

“And in as much as we can talk, the biggest contribution of our taxes goes to servicing debts. Mr. President, on debts, is where we need to focus,” Wanjigi offered his advice.

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