DJ Krowbar rallies fans in fundraising effort for ailing wife

DJ Krowbar rallies fans in fundraising effort for ailing wife

Just a couple of years back, DJ Krowbar and his beloved wife, Wanjiru Karumba, were hit with a life-altering blow.

A devastating piece of news shattered their world: Wanjiru, a mother of three, was facing kidney failure.

The weight of that news hit them not just emotionally, but financially too.

DJ Krowbar and his wife Wanjiku before they found out about the diagnosis

As they clung to hope, their eyes turned toward a chance at renewal – a kidney transplant that could change everything.

The family used social media, to send out a heartfelt call to action, to everyone who’s been touched by their journey since the diagnosis two years ago.

The couple when Wanjiku was going through dialysis

The couple further divulged that Wanijku, a mother of three is in her last stage of treatment, which requires at least KSh 6 million.

DJ Krowbar has undeniably, brought joy to countless hearts.

He’s asked for prayers and appealed for financial help as they prepared for the last stage of the treatment journey.

DJ Krowbar has been by his wife’s side throughout the entire journey since they found out about her kidney diagnosis.

“When this journey began, I remember joining hands with my wife saying, “One day we shall see the end of this.” Now the end is right ahead of us and we need your prayers and financial help to hold our hands to make this miracle a reality,”

In 2017 DJ Krowbar and his wife and children relocated to South Africa where he went to pursue further studies and sharpen his cratftamanship in audio engineering.

His wife, a fashion designer supported him and they came back before her diagnosis was even on their radar.

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