EXCLUSIVE: “If I wanted to outshine Moses Kuria, I would.” MP GG Kagombe

EXCLUSIVE: “If I wanted to outshine Moses Kuria, I would.” MP GG Kagombe

“If I wanted to outshine (Trade CS) Moses Kuria, I would have done so and succeeded the first few weeks I got into office,” current Gatundu South Member of Parliament (MP) GG says giving a chuckle.

We get into his black Toyota V8 where the rest of the interview is conducted. This car screams class and wealth but also hope and determination.

GG Kagombe is a first time MP who recently hit the headlines after being thrown out of Parliament for donning religious regalia, a turban.

During the interview with ‘TV47’S Digital’ Gachambi Nderitu, he goes apeshit with both excitement and anger when talking about things he detests, the current state of the nation, his passion projects in his constituency and books, oh! He is a lover of books.

You’ve had quite the trajectory in terms of religion, from training as a priest to being thrown out of the National Assembly because of putting on a turban. Did you sue as you had earlier stated?

I maintain that Speaker Moses Wetangula was unfair but I do not blame him.

There is a need for Kenyans and Africans as a whole to emancipate ourselves from the mental slavery that the Western culture is right and the African one wrong.

Wearing suits and ties does not make one any more brilliant. Now that I am in a t-shirt and jeans, does it make me any less smart?

I feel sad when women wear hair from dead Indians and Whites instead of wearing their own hair.

This needs to stop and it needs to end with leaders as we are some sort of influence to the society.

A scorecard report by Mzalendo ranked MPs based on their contributions in Parliament, do you think this is a fair way of assessing MPs and how does it make you feel that you were not among the “best” nor were you one of the “worst”?

There is a need for parliamentarians to strike a balance between all their roles.

Some of the the MPs that were ranked “worst” are not first-time MPs and they tend to be very popular among their voters.

I believe I have found a balance.

A section of Netizens say you are trying to outshadow your predecessor now Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria…

That is funny because if I wanted to outshine Moses Kuria I would have tried during the first few months after getting elected and succeeded.

I am the one who actually pushed Moses Kuria to vie in Gatundu South after then MP Uhuru Kenyatta took on presidential ambitions.

My brand of politics is different, my focus is on giving Gatundu South residents education and skills.

I have so far issued KSh 41 million inbursary, something that has never happened in Gatundu South.

Recently, I entered an agreement with TVET, I funded them to start a dress-making course and gave them 35 students.

I also gave Mama Ngina University College an ultimatum that I would only support them if they taught their model of teaching.

You cannot be teaching students part of a keyboard in this digital era, teach them how to use a ring light and monetize their content online instead.

You sound like a reader, what are you currently reading?

I just finished reading Betrayal in the City by Francis Imbuga. I realized I barely read African literature and that is what I am currently consuming.

My favourite author is Jeffrey Archer, I think I have read almost every piece of literature by him.

Do you know he was a politician as well? He barely writes about that but he is very accomplished.

I do not read inspirational books but there are exceptions like Robert Greene’s books like his collaboration with 50 Cent, The 50th Law, and the obvious 48 Laws of Power.

What should we expect from you politically in the next 10 years?

I hope that I will still be representing the people of Gatundu South.

I do not have any gubernatorial ambitions to be honest, I would never want to be Kiambu’s governor.

I also pray that I will be able to know when my time to exit the stage comes.

John Buckle is one of the politicians I greatly admire because other than being a great politician, he knew when his time was up and did not hesitate.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga should take a leaf out of his book.

What advice would you offer someone in their 20s right now?

At 25, I was working as a mechanic living in a single-room house. I always knew I would be great but I did not feel the pressure to be.

I’d tell a 20-year-old to keep doing what they love and perfect that skill eventually luck knocks at everyone’s door. Let it find you ready.

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