EDITORIAL: Politicians Need To Keep Their Petty Wrangles Away From Funerals

EDITORIAL: Politicians Need To Keep Their Petty Wrangles Away From Funerals

Once again we find ourselves forced to call out the revolting actions of politicians invading funerals to cause untold chaos in the name of supremacy battles.

Such an incident happened again in Trans Nzoia County at the weekend where supporters of the County Governor George Natembeya and speaker Moses Wetangula clashed at the funeral of the wife to nominated MCA Phillip Nyongesa.

The resultant chaos forced the grieving family to suspend the funeral and conduct a hurried burial of their loved one devoid of the dignity they had hoped to accord her.

It is embarrassing, that this altercation involved leaders of such high caliber, a serious indictment of the quality of leaders we voted for.

But what kind of sick ego disregards the feelings of a grieving family on the day of the funeral? Did it matter to anyone how they were coping with the loss of their loved one or the trauma they now have to endure with the memory of chaos that accompanied the final journey of their beloved?

Such actions are not just nauseating; they are outrageous, vile and wantonly inhuman.

Let’s pause for a moment and ask ourselves one question; why funerals? Why do politicians repeatedly flock and hijack burial ceremonies of people they hardly know just to showcase their ill-timed political drama? What kind of sick mentality is this?

Yet, they have all the liberty and wherewithal to confront each other at any other forum.

This behavior has to stop. It is time politicians stayed away from funerals and organized their own rallies where they can comfortably square it out with their rivals without dragging grieving families through their senseless wrangles. Let’s, at least, have some respect for the living and grieving, if not for the dead.

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