Employer asks staff to imitate her, the TikTok video goes viral

Employer asks staff to imitate her, the TikTok video goes viral

When the boss challenged her employees to mimic her “grand” entrance and how she carries herself, eyebrows arched like question marks.

Amid the uncertainty, a lone warrior woman stepped up and declared:

“Challenged accepted”

Point on imitation

She imitated how her boss walked in every day to the salon and she was keen to come in and sit ten seconds before she could start asking question about what was happening.

Her imitation was point on, that the rest burst into laughter at the accuracy of her observation.

She captured every hip sway and wrist flick with an accuracy that could rival a GPS tracking system. Colleagues fell into belly-clutching laughter.

Online comments

Even the ever-vocal netizens couldn’t resist the temptation to chime in.

Some gave the boss a virtual high-five, hailing her as a management maverick.

They believed this act was like a mirror into her managerial soul, helping her waltz in her employees’ shoes.

Others praised the mimic maiden’s courage. It was like performing stand-up comedy at a comedy club owned by the comedian you’re impersonating.

It was clear that work wasn’t just about deadlines but also about forging connections and finding joy in the everyday absurdity.

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