Singer Burna boy says Afrobeat music lacks substance


Grammy-Award-Winning Nigerian Singer, Damini Ogulu popularly known as Burnaboy comes under fire for saying Afrobeats lacks substance.

Burnaboy with an amazing performance with his great band at the Love Damini Concert in Minneapolis. Photo/Burnaboy/Instagram

Burnaboy awakened the wrath of many Nigerians after sharing his honest opinion and perception about Afrobeats genre. He has since faced backlash and criticism from a section of Nigerians.

Burnaboy all smiles after his successful Love Damini Concert in Orlando. Photo/Burnaboy/Instagram

According to him 90 per cent of Afrobeats are devoid of real-life experiences and only portray an amazing time which love isn’t all about.

The “African Giant” during an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe in New York said, “Afrobeats is mostly about nothing, literally nothing as there is no substance to it and everybody is talking about a great time, an amazing time.”

The “African Giant” in his element. Photo/Burnaboy/Instagram

Adding, “So for me, I feel like music should be the essence of the artiste. The artiste is about a person who has a good day, bad day, his great days and worst days.”

“I’m dropping a project that should be a window for the fans to see.” said Burna in regards to his latest album, ‘I Told Them.’

Burnaboy’s drip during the Met Gala. Photo/Instagram

His remark has sparked a range of emotions on social media with some agreeing with him while others calling him out for being arrogant.

Burnaboy giving a bombastic side eye to all his haters. Photo/Burnaboy/Instagram

Fans and critics alike didn’t take his comment lightly tweeting, “He is burning the ladder he climbed up, so he’s the only one at the top.”

He seems to be rolling with big shots in the media and entertainment industry. He even gave an electrifying performance during this year’s Champions League Final between Manchester United and Inter Milan Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Burnaboy hanging out with Football Legend Thiery Henry in Turkey during the UEFA Champions Legue Final. Photo/Burnaboy/Instagram

Another tweeted, “Burnaboy only spoke like that in an effort” please the western media and push his album, adding,” Davido and Wizkid will never trash talk like this.”

Another, “If this guy wants to call out other artists, he should do it and stop ridiculing the genre.”

Burnaboy during the NBA All Stars Weekend in Salt City lake, Utah. Photo/Burnaboy/Instagram

Burnaboy once reiterated that his genre of music is not Afrobeat but Afro-fusion which he said is a fusing of Afrobeat, Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B and Dancehall.

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