Exclusive: “Gachagua should know deal with Ruto is over,” ex-MP Kirwa says

Exclusive: “Gachagua should know deal with Ruto is over,” ex-MP Kirwa says

“Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua should know that the deal between him and President William Ruto is over!” This is according to former Cherangany MP Kipruto Arap Kirwa.

Kirwa says that it is not a coincidence that some members of the ruling party, United Democratic Alliance (UDA), have started showing “disrespect’ to DP Gachagua.

Speaking on Monday, June 10 on TV47’s Morning Cafe show, the likes of Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi and Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja would not dare attack DP Gachagua without the approval of their boss [President Ruto].

“I know the President very well, and I know some of the young men and women who are casting aspersions against DP Gachagua are people who cannot do it without tacit approval from the boss himself.

“This means that everything has been choreographed to make sure that the DP is made to look bad and in the process, which is dangerous, try to isolate the community and make them look bad when they talk of their unity, and see them as if they are being tribal,” Kirwa said.

Kirwa, who was a minister during the late President Mwai Kibaki’s government, however, requested President Ruto and his deputy to exercise retrain and tolerance against each other, because the offices they are holding are dear to the country.

“It is my request to the president and his deputy, that yes they may not like each other…they were not meant to be friends anyway, but they were brought together by fate of this nation and by desire to win the last general elections. They should tolerate each other so that we have some semblance of peace and also give respect to that position of the deputy president,” Kirwa added.

Apart from Sudi and Sakaja, National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wa has also being on a collision path with the second in command.

Ichung’wah has recently being launching tirades, indirectly to DP Gachagua, criticizing him for his push for Mount Kenya unity, while also accusing him of using blackmail to advance selfish interests.

The latest attack was on Sunday, June 9 during a church service in Meru where he insisted on opposing Gachagua’s ideas, unless he begins showing respect towards other regional leaders.

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